The kind of Promotional Video you want for your business! Adil and Camilla were a joy to work with. Professionals with real talent for video productions - for business and destination promotion. Before or after sunrise, they will make sure they get the opportunity to capture the important moments to showcase your your destination and facilities. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.​
Andrew Lok
Just watched the video you sent me and I was literally breathless! The video is amazing and we MUST make sure it’s well displayed front and center! What I find highly impressive is the video as a whole. As you well know, it’s the subtle ‘Wow' feeling hitting the subconscious level that's the major influencer here.”

He’s very smart about promoting high-end vacation rental properties, so this is qualified praise. Outstanding work, Adil.
Professional and friendly service. Excellent Creative work and organization
Alejandor M
Exceptional Service. A+ Rating. I hired Adil and Camilla to provide professional quality photos of our vacation rental properties in Sayulita. The results were outstanding. They are great people to work with - totally professional, but the finished product what is what truly stands out. I am a fussy client. I am an amateur photographer and have a background in art appreciation, so I am picky. Adil's aerial photographs were exceptional. They gave a perspective that dramatically showed how truly unique our properties are. I would not hesitate to recommend both of their services. Their communication and follow through was first class and the end result 5 stars!
Dennis Duff
Nappa Valley
The Best of the Best …

We have worked with Adil and Camilla for many years. They film, edit, write, narrate and produce advertising and marketing material for our scuba liveaboard business based in Cabo San Lucas, the Solmar V. To see the quality of their work, all you have to do is search youtube for Solmar V Trip Report. Their level of talent, professionalism and dedication to their work is unparalleled and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you both for all that you have helped us accomplish in our business, and for your passion for your work.
Leslie / Solmar V
Cabo San Lucas
Adil is exceptional in all aspects!! Was instrumental to our marketing & sales campaign by providing current, exciting yet informative videos from March 2011 to June 2016. Adil listened to what we needed and not only went above and beyond but always conducted himself in a reliable and professional manner. I had tried other videographers over the years but none came close. Also very important to emphasize the "reliability" part as timelines were very important and in all those years Adil was never late - not once! Very rare for this type of service. I can't recommend him enough and am happy to expand on my comments with any interested party. Just email or call. Waterproof is EXCEPTIONAL!
Jose Luis / Solmar V
Absolutely top-class!! I have had the pleasure to work with Adil several times in the past, and I am constantly impressed with the fantastic quality of their work. I was blown away by the videos of a humpback mother and calf from a trip to Socorro Islands, as well as amazing videos from dive trips to Cocos Island, Costa Rica.
Costa Rica
During a career in advertising and public relations, I've worked with many videographers. Anyone with an iPhone can shoot video. A top-level pro will consider the story that needs to be told, collaborate on how to tell it, possess the technical expertise and equipment to shoot it, scout locations before shooting, and, during a shoot, leave room and time for inspiration. Yet little of that matters without investing hours in skilled editing, and incorporating sound effects and music. In addition, a top pro will listen to client requests for tweaks and changes. Adil is among the very best I've encountered. Their work leaves me speechless.
Sally M.
Adil has been filming a variety of homes we have listed for sale and each video was produced quickly, cost effectively and with utmost creativity. We have always been pleased with Adil's work and our clients have been thrilled by how their homes have been presented in a differentiable manner. I would highly recommend working with Adil and we look forward to working with him again
Adil is a gifted videographer with a keen eye for natural beauty. Working with him is an absolute pleasure.
Bev Sanders
Carmel, CA
I had the pleasure to work with Adil and thecresult he delivered was beyond all expectations. The professionalism, attention to detail and his unique way to connect to nature makes all the difference from any other professional in his field. He did the most incredible shooting for my yoga studio, and it was superb. I can't recommend him enough. And he makes the process so easy and simple for you. Absolutely amazing experience
Working with Adil was an amazing experience, He went above and beyond with his professional results and I am very grateful for his keen artistic eye
Adam Smith
Adil is so talented & an absolute pleasure to work with. We were so happy with the results of our photo shoot with him & look forward to doing it again some time
Mickey Northcutt

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