Creating Images with Expertise, Passion and Love

Hello! My name is Adil Schindler and I was born in Berlin, Germany. After leaving my home country in my twenties I quickly learned that the ocean is where I feel home and I began my career as a diver and shortly after started learning how to film underwater. Since then I have developed my skills and progressed to also film and photograph on land and in the air never stopping to improve my skills and equipment to the latest standards. I have lived and worked as a diver and film maker in 8 different countries in the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, finally calling Mexico my home since 2010.

Telling stories has always been my passion so I decided to dedicate my career to it. My background is filming in the realm of the ocean, this is where I am truly at home. In 2004 was when I started filming & editing and to develope my own way of showing things.

 My style can probably best described as “Emotional Storytelling”. I firmly believe that touching people’s inner core, their feelings, is the best and longest lasting way of affecting people’s lifes, their believes, hopes and also benefitting their economic well being when it comes to promoting their businesses.

I am looking forward to turn your story into a tale of success whatever it might be….